Forbidden City
Four-Days Itinerary

Soliders march near the Square

Day one:

Tian'anmen Square-One of the best-known landmarks of Beijing. 

Forbidden City-Also called Palace Museum, this former dwelling of Chinese emperors is the most amazing royal palace complex.
Lunch either for the Hand-made noodles with beef broth at the Muslim restaurant or try to learn how to make dumplings at the local family and eat after that.
Hutong Tour + Rickshaw ride+ Going up to the Drum Tower

Prayer at the Lama Temple

Be driven around the old alleyways (hutongs) in a cycle rickshaw. You stop at a traditional courtyard home for a cup of tea and get a historic view of hutong life. Also includes a visit to the Drum Tower with panoramic views of old Beijing.

If you don’t want to experience the rickshaw ride you can also choose to walk around the hutongs.
Lama Temple-Oldest and best-preserved imperial garden in the downtown area

Mutianyu Great Wall
 Day two:
 Great Wall at the Mutianyu section
It’s 1,45 hour driving and this section is less crowded comparing the Badaling section; you can choose to take the gondola up and either gondola or toboggan sled down.
798 Art District
A ferment of contemporary art creativity, and connoisseurs’ paradise, with many artists beginning to command high prices on the international market. Artisits from around the world display their works here. Even if you have no idea what you are looking at, it is definitely worth a look

Circular Mound Altar
Day three:
Temple of Heaven-Offerings to Heaven were made here by emperors to benefit crops and harvests.

Pearl Market- you can find those knock-off brand bags shoes and watches as well as pearls.
Summer Palace

Summer Palace

The Emperor and his imperial court left the Forbidden City each summer to take up residence in the Summer Palace to escape the heat. This purpose built resort is two-thirds water containing Kunming Lake. You can stroll the banks of the lake and enjoy the pavilions, palaces and terraces
Olympic Stadium
Walk on the Olympic Green and view the Swim Cube and the Bird's Nest from the outside.

View from the Top of Jinshan Park
Day Four:
Beijing City Urban Planning Museum-knowing the past, present and future of Beijing

Nine Drogan Screen at the Beihai Park
Jingshan Park-You can climb to the top pavilion to get a bird view or panoramic view of city Beijing

Beihai Park-Oldest and best-preserved imperial garden in the downtown area

Capital Museum-The building itself is a great piece of art. Collections are very well sorted by theme, including jade, bronze, porcelain, painting…Don’t miss the historical Beijing exhibits.